Awesome Sale!!!

Quick!!! Jen, as in, Jen of Graham like the Cracker has some AWESOME clearance sales going on!!! She is an incredible designer and her kits are the shiznitty!!! (*GASP* can I say that on a blog??) Here's the flyer...

Here are a few more links to Jen's info:

Here's her blog: Link to Jen's blog!!!
Here's her store at Gingerscraps: Awesome Gingerscraps store
Here's her store at Daydreamer Designworks: Awesome DD store!!

OK... that's it for now!!!

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New Layouts!

So... I've been very busy lately.... trying to complete some new kits and make a few new layouts... and I've TOTALLY got to plug an awesome blog I found a while back on using Photoshop Elements 7: This girl totally knows her stuff... and her kid's names are Duke and Imp - how much cooler can you get??? Click the button to go to her blog!

I used a few of her photo editing techniques on some of my kid's photo's and paired that with some awesome kits... with excellent results!

For this kit, I used Jamie Dell's Music of the Night scrapping kit FREEBIE!!! Which you can get BY CLICKING HERE!

For this kit, I used Radar Love, by The Wonder Girls over at Sunshine Studio Scraps... which I'm pretty positive, you can still get FREE, if YOU CLICK HERE!

Alrighty folks!!! Happy Scrapping and feel free to leave me some looove

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Little Sister...

Hey everyone!
Time for a lovely new scrap page!!! Here are my two little bumblebees having a secret moment of sibling bliss... except I caught it on camera!!! Don't you just looove these moments? I also took some updated pics of my little girl! Isn't it amazing to see their personalities really start to emerge!!!!??? Ahhh... another pretty page... down.

I made this adorable page using 2 items by Wyld Web Designs!
First, I chose WWD's Peaches and Cream kit!!! Absolutely amazing colors!!!! Click on the preview to go to the store for purchase!
Peaches & Cream

Secondly I used WWD's Making Waves PU/CU to create the waved edges and embellishments on the top of my page!!! Click image to get it now!!!

Making Waves PU/CU

The great thing about the Making Waves tool is that I can use it over and over again with any kit I please to create a unique look... don't hesitate to get it now!!!

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I was finally chosen

So... if you are my friend, odds are I've already pounced on you and gave you all the details of my new found passion for digital scrapping... but the best news I've received lately is that Jen and Char from Graham like the Cracker and Wyld Web Designs have chosen me to represent them both on their Creative Teams... or... CT's as is said in the digital scrap world. I'm super excited because both of these designers are AMAZING!! I've downloaded a couple of their kits as you can tell in previous posts and have been setting myself up in the digital networking world... and wow! I never knew that things could be so complicated. I know that there is a learning curve to everything, but I'm trying to force myself to learn FAST so I don't let anyone down... especially myself. So... the reason I've been a little MIA lately is because I've been creating accounts, gathering info, learning ins and outs and just plain trying to get myself organized. I work best when order has been established... so... I'm sure that soon I'll get all this down and it'll be a walk in the park for me! Until then... here is my latest addition for the creative team. I used Wyld Web Design's Soft N Sweet (click the preview of the kit and it'll take you to the store so you can snag this AWESOME goodness!)

This layout was created from a picture that I took of my little sister snoozing away with my brand new daughter on her chest. Aren't they so... soft and sweet?! hehehe... I made the photo black and white and tinted it plum to match the colors in the set. Keep a lookout for freebies coming up. I created a couple elements to match the set as well... until then...

Aunt and Niece

Soft N Sweet

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Juni in August

Here is my second layout I have made using the Little Sighs kit created by Graham like the Cracker... simply gorgeous. I am loving being able to play around with it willy nilly like this. I took these pictures of my gorgeous little girl yesterday and I'm so pleased at how well I was able to display her burgeoning personality. Click on the preview of the kit to go to her store to snag a copy for yourself. And please... comment if you can... I loooove getting comments... hehehe

Juni in August

Little Sighs Preview

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New kit out... Little Sighs by Graham Like the Cracker

I think I sighed five hundred times at least while I was putting together this page. My son is now 2 1/2 years old, but I remember this day as if it were yesterday. I'll never forget the look on my husband's face as he saw his boy for the first time. I'm beyond thrilled that Jen from Graham like the Cracker decided to create a kit incorporating my most favorite colors and styles... it was like she did it just for me! hehehe You can get the kit in her store, click on the preview and it will take you to her store. You can also download my quickpage by clicking on my scrapped layout. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I do!

Little Sighs Preview

Newborn Ro

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Posting more of my Bootcamp stuffs

Here are some more layouts I completed with bootcamp and speed scraps over at gingerscraps.net... awesome! I even won layout of the week with the Create chalk scene layout... I think I'm getting better!!!